Monday, January 21, 2008

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I once read somewhere that Marc Jacobs to New York, is what Top Shop is to London, Chanel to Paris and Prada to Milan. Putting it that way, I totally understand the obsession of Marc Jacobs that captures the New York fashionista sensibility. Personally, as a young woman new to New York City, I am particularly captivated by his diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs. Not only because it's West Village store sits contently across the road from my favorite cupcake place- Magnolia- giving me warm and fuzzy feelings inside, but the designs are generally more realistic for the average young New Yorker, often being bought out by teenagers, and also price wise not so unrealistic.

The Spring 2008 collection show cased last year, has been my introduction on what I will be influenced by in the on coming Spring. Of course, I won't be wearing everything (if anything), but I will definitely be inspired in terms of colours, lines and composition of outfits. Below are some of my favorites from the collection. I am thoroughly enjoying the navy blues, as I have recently got over my navy blue trauma brought on by years of school uniforms. I am loving the yellows, whites, reds, mustards and overall nod to more concise tailoring.

Maybe it's just me growing up, but I am reveling in the lady like trends (still after what seems like the last five to ten years), being spliced with a bit of punk and rock and roll. I know it's suppose to be all Foho (as opposed to Boho) this Spring/Summer, but with the pink hairspray coming back, I'm not entirely convinced.

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