Sunday, May 18, 2008

Love Bomb

Being a fan of Lover the Label is a bit like being an obsessed fan of a band. You agonizingly wait for their latest releases, while still indulging in their greatest hits that grow on you like all time classics. Like hearing an old favorite on the radio, seeing a piece from an older collection is akin to reliving good times and making you fall in love with it all over again. Susien Chong and Nic Briand are the ultra cool duo designers that launched Lover the Label, not so long ago in 2001. From their humble beginnings to a stall in the outdoor Bondi Markets (similar to NYC's Summer street fairs) in Australia, where legend has it that within three months, the popularity of the stall increased so dramatically, boutiques began requesting stock. It's no wonder the label is a cult hit among fashionistas and celebrities today. Their inspiration is consistently derived from art, film, music and popular culture. The clothes can be described as the innocence of romance, the beauty of femininity with old school rock n roll as their main muse.
Staying true to their original Aussie fan base, their latest collection "Love Bomb", consists of a Southern Hemisphere Spring Summer 2008/09 release and for our neck of the woods, a Northern Hemisphere Fall Winter 2008 edition. Below are my personal faves from Southern Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere collections respectively.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fashion Inspiration- Beat Street (1984)

An iconic hip hop film set in New York City that helped the hip hop culture penetrate the mainstream. My husband wants to be the kid in the red bowler hat and I want the leopard print stockings- check it!

They're back!

With the onslaught of eighties and nineties fashion making a massive come back, New Kids on the Block coming back together after twenty years, has never been more timely. Don't get me wrong, I think I was a very brief fan of the New Kids when they came out with "Step by Step" and "Please Don't Go Girl". Their timeliness could be due to the bowler hats that are all the rage, not to mention the vests and stone washed denim creeping their way into full confidence on kids who could have been no more than five, when Johnny Depp was melting my heart in the show "21 Jump Street". Anyone who was sporting it in the eighties and nineties can most likely admit how awkward it is that these fashion relics are seeing the light of day again. Watching the New Kids on the Today show (in New York) performing a medley of their old songs, including "The Right Stuff" in a somewhat reggaeton version, years ago, would have me reacting in a sad "oh no they are so old, what the hell" kinda way, but watching them now, not only made me give them silent props for having the balls to go back on stage, but also made me realize- what a fantastic marketing strategy!! Of course they can be oh so hot right now, people are wearing fluro colors, leggings and leg warmers for god sakes!! Welcome back New Kids (ahem men) on the Block! I say bring back Tiffany and Debbie Gibson too. My husband said " What next? MC Hammer?" I don't think we're quite ready for him yet. But never say never.

Tiffany at a gay pride fest. Bless!

Debbie Gibson giving it her best shot

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Monday, May 12, 2008


Is your happiness in landing your dream job with the dream pay? Or is it finally owning that Chanel lambskin purse? What about meeting the man/woman of your dreams? Or let me guess, during the 90's when hip hop was in it's champagne era, more intellect and minus the bling? What about losing the last ten kilos/pounds you want to lose? You just know it will be healthier for you and also boost your confidence, then ultimately make you happier with your life, right? Everyone has a specific thing they are either consciously, unconsciously or even denying, that in their mind- it would actually make them feel like "they've made it" or simply more "complete". What I have been questioning a lot lately is life and our endless mission for happiness. Is life about "chasing the dragon's tail"? The phrase referred to a heroin addicts life. From the very first try of the drug, the high so unbelievably pleasurable and escapist from anything and everything (apparently), that the entire addiction (which most addicts never truly escape from) is the mission of getting that first amazing high. Only the drug doesn't work like that. The first high can never be replicated thus the life of a deteriorating addict, who is tricked by this drug and convinced that they might have a chance at getting that high again. So "chasing the dragon's tail" is a metaphor for chasing something that really isn't there. Could it be that we get addicted to the superficialities of life and expect some kind of miraculous happiness that could only be obtained once we got what we think will make us happy?

Woah, Ange! Getting a little too serious there! Well you can blame it on my discovery of a book that was recommended to me by a friend who knows I can get a little philosophical on life sometimes. The fantastic book I'm reading now is "A new earth. Awakening to your life's purpose." By Ekhart Tolle. The one and only Oprah loved this book so much she did a ten week live web series with Ekhart Tolle in a class format (for free, just as long as you have internet access) where anyone from all over the world viewing the show live at the time on the Internet, could go live on Skype and ask a question to Ekhart and Oprah about the book and it's concepts. Besides having a cool name, the author Ekhart, is also very cool as he refuses to be anybody's guru. In a nut shell, the book delves into awakening to a consciousness that is within ourselves that is the secret to happiness. It's a pretty profound book so far (I'm up to chapter four) and can only be really understood by people if they are truly ready for it. In one of the web shows Oprah mentions a viewer saying something along the lines of "I don't feel the need to be awakened, what can this book teach me?" Oprah's answer was "Go read another book." It's funny, but so true. It's just one of those things that you either get or don't.

I can recommend this book to anyone who is interested in self development. You don't necessarily have to be religious, but having a curiosity about spirituality and deeper issues such as your own happiness could be prerequisites to liking or even understanding this book. If you feel a little stuck in your life, always wanted to know what it would be like to stop complaining about life and just accept it- this book is for you. You can also download all ten sessions for free on Itunes, just look up Oprah and Ekhart Tolle. In my opinion, I think we are all students of life and it's important we never forget that, but it's also the beauty of it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No hippy chick

The sun is shining so beautifully today! Among locals, Brooklyn is the Mecca of hipsterville, as a close second to the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Don't ask me what a hipster is. I'm only just vaguely getting it and was introduced to the concept when I moved here almost a year ago (has it been that long?). I know for sure it's a label that is used to describe the alterna young people who instead of using their parents contacts to become investment bankers, have decided to move from the mid west of America and set up a stand selling handmade organic products while trying to become an "artist". But more importantly, who would have known how much negative press a group of people could get for doing nothing too scandalous besides owning a whole wardrobe of American Apparel. You could call it a subculture, but it seems to go beyond that.

Anyway, since I will be attending many outdoor events this Summer, I wanted to convey what I will be influenced by and not feel too much like a douche (another word I learned here) among the trendy Brooklyn hipsters. For me, I feel this Summer will be all about the polished but deconstructed hippy. I thought I'd use my beloved "Private Icon" (ala Nylon magazine) gorgeous stoner Michelle Burroughs in "Dazed and Confused"(1993) played by Milla Jovovich as inspiration. Although her part was tiny, when I first saw this movie I was enchanted by her long hair, huge flares and guitar playing. I also took this opportunity to pop the cherry on the exciting web site for all fashion nerds- Polyvore.

Photos from "Dazed and Confused" movie,, Frankie magazine, Jalouse magazine and Polyvore

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Realize your dream

I found this on the Frankie magazine Myspace page. I'm sorry to say I think this is for Aussies only. But check it out, I might be wrong!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Realise Your Dream scheme - win a trip to the UK and a mentor!
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We thought this was pretty cool and worth passing on...

Ever dreamed of moving to the UK to pursue your creative dreams? Talented types have the chance to do exactly that with The British Council Australia’s Realise Your Dream scheme.

Open to those between 18-30 years of age, the scheme offers six lucky winners a mentorship in the UK plus $8000 towards courses, accommodation and expenses plus return airfares.

Entries close June 30 and this year, you can represent yourself however you want – in a showreel, a blog, Flickr account and so on. Check out for more info – and good luck!

Since I am realizing my dream here in New York, I thought there would be some readers out there who would be interested in this!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Fat Baby

As a young childless married person living in the ever eventful and constantly buzzing New York City, it's not hard to see how a single person could live it up in this town that is known to chew people up and spit them out- if you let it. By any definition, I'm no where near being in "single" minded mode, as I have been in a relationship for almost seven years. But living in a city like this, even as a couple, it's very easy to get swept up in the partying and the live for the moment and only for myself attitude.

During the beginning of this year, I have constantly bragged about how I feel I have a foot in both worlds because of the boom of Internet forums like Facebook and Myspace. My two worlds being, Sydney- where most of my friends and all of my family are and New York- where I now live and have met and hanged with some really cool people. It's been easy to view the latest photos of my friend's art exhibition I missed out on in Manhattan to a friend's party in Sydney. Without physically being there, you get a visual summary on what you did miss out on. Any extra goss can be simply derived through a gossipy email to one of the people on your "friends list" who would have attended. These forums can also be proof that you really did have something else on, as here are the photos to prove it!

What these two worlds have introduced me to are two more intriguing worlds, that not for the sweet invention of Facebook, could I have had the pleasure of getting a closer glimpse of. It's the marrieds and the singles worlds. In over two hundred friends, mainly from Sydney, a huge majority are not married and also childless. The general age bracket of my friends are from twenty three to thirty six. When I was a teenager and witnessing other people in this age bracket, many of them were married, had children and very settled down. What's going on with everyone, why are we all acting like teenagers and why are even some of my married friends still childless and spending more time listing who's hot on Facebook? My layman's answer is the world is changing- and fast. The impact of societal changes such as house prices soaring and becoming almost impossible to own, more and more options beyond the nurse, teacher, bricklayer or accountant type roles, young women wanting a longer blossoming twenties that goes way pass thirty five and let's not forget to include more and more people migrating to other countries not just to get away from a war or give their family a better life, but just to take advantage of a working visa or boost their careers. Personally I'm quite happy with all this, but I was wondering if my ovaries felt the same.

It does seem it's all for the better as people are getting smarter, choosing marriage or children only if feeling completely qualified, the world is less populated and sexual freedom is exceedingly less judged and peaking. So why is it that I enjoyed my three weekends at home with my husband and my dog watching Harry Potter a little more than this past weekend's debauchery at a club called Fat Baby, no less? Don't get me wrong, Fat Baby was a fun place. Where do you go to hear Bell Biv Devoe and Nirvana in one night- hilarious, but somehow worked really well for me. The packed crowd was diverse and entertaining and the bartenders are notorious for giving away free drinks, which our little group had the delight of experiencing. If you do have a fat baby, chances are you weren't at this one.

Which brings me to the conclusion of maybe I'm not enjoying all this like I used to. The traveling, the partying, the random adventures- not so shiny and new anymore. For a while there, these Internet forums tended to glamorize it all and feed my need for more.  But today, still feeling a little stiff two days later after reciting every word to Wrex n Effect's "Rump Shaker", maybe that really was the "last call".  I guess I'll find out tonight after some Cinco De Mayo celebratory drinks.  Sheesh, here we go again.

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