Sunday, April 27, 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel....

Through a series of events through no fault of mine own, I have been limited to devoting the regular amount of blog writing time I usually set aside. As a template, when obstacles arise for me, I usually veer completely off track, become disorientated and then discouraged. Today, I've made a decision to not use my default method, and try something new- like getting back on that writing horse that I enjoy so much!

In our lives, we are always presented with various sized obstacles that have a variety of effects on how we perceive our journey. My "love to bitch about people" are those who come across obstacles, complain and dwell on the situation and do nothing as if abstract victims of what happened. Then, while basking in the misery that is their life, they more importantly forget all the great things that happened and should be driven by and thankful for. Why I am I annoyed by people who are like this, I ask myself? Is it because I am often one of these people? It's embarrassing, but I'll get over it and the obvious answer is yes. I am that person that enjoys dwelling on forces out of my control and labeling them as the instigators and perpetrators of my demise. Today, I want to take charge and say "not on my clock you don't". What's worse than complaining about obstacles is actually dwelling so much that one feels frozen. Spring is back and I'm once again thawing out my insecurities to let myself get out there and actually stop thinking and start up the doing.

At the risk of sounding extra corny, there are two additional people who have motivated me through this writers block beyond my husband (but more indirectly, as I don't know them personally- ha!) and that is the very inspiring Rumi from Fashion Toast and Bobby Chui, an illustrator/painter/teacher/motivational speaker who waxes lyrical on art and life on youtube

There are so many reasons why I'm an enormous Rumi fan. Not only is she gorgeous, but her writing is funny, intelligent and genuine. Now under huge blog writers scrutiny, often suffering harsh criticism, she maintains an extraordinarily cool indifference to her critics and consistently posts and often takes on constructive criticism. Not only does she maintain an amazing blog, but she scored a job through this blog reflecting her talent (correct me if I'm wrong) and runs her own Ebay vintage store boutique. She inspires me almost every day not only with all her talent, but also with the stuff I'm not so warmed to as it is an indication of her being human and from mistakes there are always better things to come. All that is left to say is thank you and don't stop doing what you do.

The last person who really pushed me out of the depths of the writers block is Bobby Chui. I listened to him on youtube clips of him drawing while you can simultaneously listen to him talk about life. I don't know too much about him, but I think to accurately understand how good of a motivational speaker he is (without obviously marketing himself as one, more rather as an artistic mentor), you just need to look him up on youtube and listen for yourself. He talks of obstacles and ways of perceiving yourself while trying to accomplish goals. You should really check it out if you feel like you've hit some kind of wall to better yourself at something, which I would say is pretty much everyone whether we admit it or not. And I'm no art pro, but I provided some of his ingenious works below and the chihuahua above is also his.

I really hope the content of this post inspires someone out there like it has for me today.


dreamecho said...

rumi rocks in too many ways to count! best of luck in staying strong and focused. we all chart our own paths. :)

Angela Adriano said...

Thanks for the best wishes! I love Rumi to bits!

mayhem said...

Yeah, Bobby Chui is dope.