Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Diesel Party!!

So after much drama and anxiety, I finally scored a ticket to the very coveted Diesel Dirty Thirty Party. In celebration of Diesel's birthday- 30 years old- like moi. They were having several parties all over the world inviting industry people and anyone lucky enough to score a ticket. It was a surreal event. The only way I could explain it is, if a movie was showing what a night club in Vegas or NYC is suppose to be like (but isn't obviously) this was it. Free alcohol, hot dogs, popcorn, funnel cakes and soft pretzels- it really was insane. The crowd was a bit strange, I guess it was due to a bombardment of industry people. Special guests were Chaka Khan, M.I.A, N.E.R.D, Franz Ferdiand and surprise guest T.I. It was so much fun and just so damn exciting that I didn't spend $100 to see all these acts- in fact- nothing! (All tickets were considered invites and totally free, unless you bought yourself one on ebay) The theme was rock and roll circus and they had some circus acts in between performances. The temporary tent was set up in Brooklyn, over looking the Manhattan sky line- it was a breath taking location. Biggest surprise, M.I.A jumped on stage with a pregnant belly!! Check her out:

I felt sorry for the bar tenders. There was literally five for the five thousand who were there. They had cute uniforms on though!

Franz Ferdiand, whom I didn't recognize for their first three songs until my friend told me who they were after I said "Who are these guys, I'm sick of them" Woops! I've even seen them live at the BDO in Australia- I'm lame, what can I say! Not too much of a fan but I was happy when I heard a familiar song. This was when they were all going off drumming on the drums. All together now!!

This iphone pic does not do our party tent justice. They had these amazing designs illuminating and changing all over the tent.

Manhattan skyline- it was a gorgeous night!

The lovely Keith

My boss/friend Leann and I, totally stoked at our luck.

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