Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lula Girl of My Dreams

This magazine is for every delicate, dreamy, feminine, intelligent yet modest sensibility. Taking back the girly reigns has never been so empowering. There has been a very old school stereo type that has pervaded our media tainted consciousness that I'm sure goes further back than the first time Cleopatra discovered charcoal eyeliner. It's the myth that with beauty, there is a high chance there is no substance. Women are often driven in many ways by this myth- depending how this message has been taught to them on their individual paths of womanhood. I would be lying if I didn't admit to moments of getting ready for a job interview, a date or a coffee catch up with a girlfriend, being mildly influenced by how much "substance" over beauty or vice versa, I wanted to depict.

Lula is a girly girl magazine and makes no apologies. The intoxicating photography, the painstakingly chosen subjects of fashion and women in the arts and the use of high quality paper that makes it more a book rather than a magazine, all embody a sense of feminine pride minus the aggression that normally goes hand in hand. You won't find any articles about cellulite here. Or how to deal with the break-up steps. It is simply a celebration of beauty, fashion, art and the ethereal. Lula truly is, the girl of your dreams.

With the publication only coming out quarterly (oh the devine exclusiveness of it all!), I excitedly obtained the most recent edition. Having read the interview with new Chanel it girl Rinko Kikuchi, who was nominated for her role in Babel and an article on Jessica Williams, a painter that has put a spring in my cognitive step, I'm again inspired and pleasantly beauty enticed. Although a little pricey, you soon realize it's a magazine worth paying and waiting for. Stop buying those celeb weeklies and save your money for a gorgeous feast for your eyes and mind.

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