Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Vintage Society

This is the era of It Girl bombardment. The It Girl is the chick who epitomizes that times current pop culture consciousness. And we are definitely not talking of the Britneys and Paris'. In fact, we are talking about their polar opposites. We are referring to the Edie Sedgewicks, Zoe Kravitzs, Agyness Deyns, Corey Kennedys, Lou Doillons, Kate Moss' (you get my drift) and that chick I saw at Union Square the other day who does the tres cool Doc Marten ads. (She is so tall in real life). I'm not sure what it takes to be an It Girl, but when you see her you know. I have found my It Girl of blogs- The Vintage Society.

With charming photography, inspiring fashion for the person who wants beyond trendy or sexy without being too eccentric, this fashion blog has turned into a quick favorite and one that will be hit just as often as Fashion Toast, Sartorialist etc. I'm not alone in my fondness as the brand Quicksilver granted Beth- the author of The Vintage Society, a mentorship and sponsorship! And to top it off, Society recently featured the very hot Jalouse magazine. A french magazine up in the rankings of Lula, Nylon and Teen Vogue. So spot on with this choice, I'm quickly brainwashed into running out on the street and buying my first copy.

Anyway, let's not get sidetracked and get on with our worship of
As a rule, I never mention other blogs, but this blog was just too juicy not to share.

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