Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Discreet Shoe

Alessandro Dell'Aqua Spring 2007

Since, my obsession with fashion blogs began, I've seemed to totally neglect my other obsession- actual runway fashion. While many fashion bloggers have been a phenomenal inspiration to everyone from the girl next door working in finance to the guy working as a stylist on a shoot, there is still our very hard working fashion designers. With the addition of street fashion, blog fashion, anyone fashion, the abundance and cross pollination has made trends even harder to spot early, but at the same time, liberating and exciting. One trend which I have been drawn to, probably because of the overwhelming endless choices we have now, is the "discreet shoe". I've found fashion right at this moment to be very in your face, from the leathery motorcycle punk gladiators still lingering, to the artwork inspired prints and colors. The discreet shoe can balance out your chosen on trend look by still having a fashionable silhouette without being dominating.

Chloe Spring 2008

Brian Reyes Resort 2009

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Bridgette said...

Oh my gosh. I have been getting more and more interested in the nude shoe. It also helps your legs to look longer and it goes with everything.

Angela Adriano said...

Yes, totally agree, I'm shopping for a pair now ; )

FoxyRoxy said...

Very classy looking shoes