Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My guide: How to be Cool in New York City

This is how us cool cats sit in NYC. Just chillin...

Moving to another city is a big deal. Not the "Check me out, I'm kinda a big deal" stuff, but more "Check me out, I have no friends and I am culturally illiterate and irrelevant" kind of stuff. Especially when the "big city" you move to is not in the country you grew up in and so hip it is probably where hip was invented on a horse drawn carriage long ago. So after taking a siesta from the heat wave that we are currently experiencing, my creative juices were flowing and I thought, well what better way to try to be cool and fit in but tell people how to be cool and fit in. This way, it appears that I am cool and I also can keep a public record of what is cool. Genius? I think so.

Suggestion 1. Know where the tasty cupcakes are besides Magnolia. This shows you are a true New Yorker in terms of how small and obscure the place is and don't forget how tasty the cupcake is. And no, empanadas are not the new cupcakes.  To add to this, taking your new New York friend to Dunkin Donut will not wash down well.

Suggestion 2. Know how to get to Brooklyn on the subway and have been there recently. Believe me, in the short time I have been here, I have actually met born and raised New Yorkers who have not been to the East Village since the nineties let alone the BK. Even I know that Kevin Arnold jacket the guy was wearing who admitted to this NYC crime, should have stayed where it belonged.. in the "Wonder Years".

Suggestion 3. Have a night life between the days of Monday and Thursday. Something I'm still trying to convince my husband of on a more regular basis who has a full time job like most normal people. While admittedly, there is nothing like letting loose on Friday and having the weekend to recover, you will feel like a total tourist when you are out at a bar on a Friday night where the rest of the East Coast has decided this is the night they wanted to paint the town red. (is that how that saying goes?)

Suggestion 4. Know your way around China town beyond Canal St. This is something I aspire to. I think the coolest people not only know their way deep into China town, but also know where the best food and deals are.

Suggestion 5.
Know not to take out a subway map, or any other huge map of any kind in the middle of a crowded street. Not only is this a sure fire way of becoming an unsuspecting mugging target, but the real New Yorkers will be so annoyed by you and make you feel like a loser while scoffing at your uncoolness. Ok, maybe the last part is untrue, but the mugging part is definitely something to keep in mind. Take your ginormous map to a Starbucks or better yet, buy a smaller hand held map and stand to the side of the side walk. (If that makes sense).

Stayed tuned for more "suggestions" :)

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love the style
and cupcakes ;)

Taghrid said...

ur suggestions are so true/funny/smart!

Ragamala said...

Haha, when my sisters went to New York the only thing they wanted was Magnolias!

Angela Adriano said...

Hey ladies, thanks for the comments. Didn't know anyone else read this besides me and maybe three other people.

<3 fashion chalet
Thanks thats sweet.

please come by often

it's ok to love magnolia- i do, but if you live here, there are so many others!