Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Alexander Wang

Hey, it's a man's world, but we still wanna look hot right? Alexander Wang is the designer based in New York who is now building a reputation on using mens cuts to add a sexy sharpness to the female form in an auspicious manner. His Fall 2008 collection during New York's Fashion week, won the critics over and why not with a darling mascot such as Erin Wasson (old school Maybeline girl), who apparently styled the show that pumped Guns and Roses as one of it's final songs.

I don't want to get carried away about how original the ensembles were, because originality wasn't what this was about. The array of baggy vs sleek, 90's grunge vs 80's chic and let's throw in some downtown New York for good measure, was arranged so effortlessly, that one can assume this is all original in an era where "it's been done" has never looked cooler. I loved the accessibility of the collection and it's poignant yet discreet undertones towards tough girl mesmerism. In the famous words of Carrie Bradshaw "Me likey".

Wang is the new kid on the block everyone wants to hang out with. Forget that he was once a Teen Vogue intern, because if those starlets constantly sashaying the streets for a Starbucks coffee bigger than the size of their heads, have anything to say about it- which let's face it- they most certainly do, Alexander Wang will be an ebay knockoff staple in no time. Let's just hope Erin convinces him to start a diffusion line so the plethora of NYC downtowners (not including all the models who live there- who will most likely receive the whole line or at the very least a bag as gratis) who would be wearing his threads the most, can at least afford some pieces as opposed to scoring a cheaper "inspired" version by Urban Outfitters. If I'm anything to go by my own track record- Urban Outfitters, here I come (again)!

Best friends with Ksubi. Erin Wasson with the designers, last year at the Australian Fashion Week.

Alexander Wang with Erin Wasson. Dang girl, why you gotta be so popular for?

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