Monday, February 25, 2008


Ever wondered what it would sound like if you started a band when you were eight after having watched "Carrie"? Blackblack's not so serious demeanor illustrated through their pop/black metal/indie music comes across as pure joy in the light hours of a Sunday afternoon cup of tea. The Los Angeles band have a way with on stage costumes that give them that final touch of whip cream on your hot dog. Yes, we've all been exposed to unconventional artists, some tiresome and some downright incredible. But hold your horses there, as I'm not saying they are as sensational as border pushing artists such as Bjork, but dare I say, just as thought provoking.

With influences such as Dr Octagon, Neil Young and Mozart- you can't help but wonder what this creative trio is all about. Diva Dompe on bass and vocals, sister Lola Dompe on drums and Clark Sch├Ądelkopf on guitar- their blend is haunting, playful and purposeful. Check out Honey in Your Ears and The Energy Song- the anthem for all self- proclaimed artists in any genre.

If you're in L.A they are playing on this Wednesday the 27th at the Knitting Factory at 8pm.

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