Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Row and Jovovich and Hawk

In today's voyeuristic compulsion with celebrity and anything related, the average star can appear not so average in the many eyes of the easily influenced or eagerly persuaded youth. Where singer becomes actor, becomes designer, becomes restaurant owner- the boundaries of any potential star seem to be boundless. This is not to say, we are all robots as viewers or consumers, and take in anything presented to us, but quite the opposite. With so many online forums (now so readily available creating "internet stars" of it's own- but that's another story), as you read this article, your next door neighbor stealing your internet connection can be the most harshest critic. Anyone lucky enough to be shone the effervescent torch of celebritydome has the entire world as their panel of judges. We can say, make up, elaborate on any detail we wish to impose on these fortunate victims.

The optimistic side of this organized chaos is that it does bring up the most amazing entrepreneurs. My two most recent favorites are up and coming labels by actresses turned designers The Row by the infamous Olsen twins and Jovovich and Hawk by Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk. The Row was originally created by Ashley Olsen and then later her sister Mary Kate joined her in combining their talents on what is an exquisite collection of workable and current staples. Some may argue that this is not their first line as there have been many brands in Kmart/Target harboring the twins name. But the twins insist that those products ranging from DVDs, toys, clothes and furniture only had their licencing rights and not their creative input.

In an interesting contrast, Jovovich and Hawk, with Milla Jovovich being it's more famous counterpart, has a more detailed and heavily era influenced hand in their design. Both The Row and Jovovich and Hawk are confident appropriations of what can be classic and revolutionary at once, without losing feminine lines and wearable trends.

Fantastic artists in all the artistic industries are emerging with a new consciousness. It involves being aware of all the arts and although this is not a new thing- the cross breeding of trades and elements bleeding into one another, this new consciousness raises an even more heightened awareness of each other due to the lightning speed information one can receive in a Google click. The Row and Jovovich and Hawk are flickers of what seems like our introduction to a worldly inspired renaissance. You be the judge.

Check out The Row on the link below

Jovovich and Hawk are coming out with a diffusion line at Target! It's called Milla and available in stores in the U.S on the 2nd March.
Although, nothing seem to take my fancy- I say good on 'em for thinking of the average pocketed gal.

Here is their website with their beautiful Spring 2008 collection
Below are some of their Fall 2008 collection I liked, previewed during New York Fashion Week just recently.

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