Friday, February 15, 2008

The Gingers

Having first formed their band in 2005 at the unjaded ages of seventeen, these three young Melbourne women Chelsea Wheatley, lead vocalist/bassist and keyboardist, Nellie Jackson, guitarist/vocalist, Etta Curry, drummer/vocalist and the recent boy addition Steve Lavery, guitarist/bassist get up to their fair share of shenanigans. Their response in an interview regarding a defamatory review on their live performance, on the Triple J website, was that Chelsea was once dating the reviewer and no longer was interested in him due to his "scary eyes". And come on ladies, we've all had unwanted attention from these types- whether it be scary eyes, scary breath and sometimes even scary outfits. After finding out her almost boyfriend was a Triple J reviewer, Chelsea of The Gingers silently hoped that he wouldn't be attending any of their gigs anytime soon. Unfortunately for the pop/punk/rock princesses (and now plus one prince), "Love You Long Time" the title of their EP was not to be the theme of the ex with the creepy stare.

Charming personalities that require no effort for one to imagine being best friends with, is not their only allure. Their punk/pop style music is catchy, familiar, yet refreshingly original. With tonnes of Australian press coverage mid 2006, The Gingers became hot property among the MySpace savvy. The last couple of years has seen an abundance of MySpace popularized musicians many of them even breaking into the mainstream such as Lily Allen. The Gingers were amongst the lucky, who have been signed to a label (Illicit Records). But to call these youngsters an overnight success would be not only be discrediting their hard work and thus joining the ranks of scary eyes types, but also ignoring their unpretentious energy that gives any potential fan a reason to start loving them.

Currently working on another EP and coming to the end of touring, their last shows are on next weekend in Melbourne at The Tote, 8pm Saturday 23rd Feb and the following week after that in Sydney at Spectrum, 8pm Thursday 28th Feb and in Sydney again at Ruby Rabbit, 8pm Friday 29th Feb. The Gingers are ones to watch and as Martin from the Simpsons says "Keep watching the skies".

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