Monday, February 4, 2008

A reflection

The first fall of snow since early December arrived today. I dreamt that it would snow last night and I woke up to a city granting my wish. Anyone who has seen snow fall can tell you how ethereal the experience can be if you just take a moment to just cease what you're doing and breathe it in and loiter in the existence of it. Ok, it's bordering on being as cheesy as the detergent commercial you almost cried to or worse, the Spice girls making a comeback (like we needed them to begin with?) But New York City has seen me through many corny movie montage conjuring type moments where you see me walking my dog in Manhattan, laughing hysterically from a funny thing you don't see, getting a kiss on the subway from my husband and other chick flick worthy montage clips.

In the age of Myspace, Facebook and god forbid the daggy cousin- Friendster, we are given opportunities to broadcast to the world or at least anyone in this world you have ever known (including the person who thinks met you and you don't remember them- at all) an insight into the wonderful world of you. Depending how brave, happy with your life you are, if you have a life or you're too busy living your life- the profile can vary on the degrees of accuracy. It does seem as if these forums allow us to delve into the private moments of peoples lives and we are all just as washed out or over exposed as the latest starlet to go to rehab. In a judgmental world, it gives us one more avenue to concoct incorrect assumptions about people.

So no I didn't take a photo of it snowing like I did when I saw the first fall of the season. Yes, I was tempted to broadcast these photos that could have been, on my Facebook profile and don't forget- "update my status" to let my Aussie friends know - that yes it's snowing in New York and yes- I do live a cinematically inspired lifestyle. But, I really just wanted to keep this memory alive in my memory and in the sentimental stories I will impose on anyone who asks me what it's like to live in New York City. For a New York minute, there was something to be treasured about not giving away too much this time.

Like many of my authorial predecessors, New York has taken an active role in being the muse in my life. I like to romanticize that New York to me is like what Edie Sedgwick was to Andy Warhol. I am in utter infatuation with it right now! I cannot call it love as it has only been eight months- although for a relationship, that is a hearty serving of something called serious and long term.

There isn't enough blog space to truly depict how much of an impact this city has made to my personal human condition. I was anticipating being challenged, having artistically inspired moments and learning about myself. But I guess I'm surprised as to the extent at which it has occurred. I could go on and on how specific things have changed my thinking. But like a snowflake falling and melting directly in the palm of my hand, only I can witness the beauty of this moment.

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