Monday, February 4, 2008

Mast Brothers Chocolate

Remember when some fancy pants foodie told you that if you buy real honest to goodness chocolate, you won't gorge yourself, but delicately eat a few pieces and be satisfied by it's fine ingredients? Your reaction, like mine would have been (should have been)- haha yeah right. If that bad baby tastes that good, it aint seeing the light of the next hour, let alone tomorrow.

Well I have discovered my fine chocolate holy grail. And no less but in the grungy, yet widely publicized and eternally hip Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY.

Let's talk about how god damn good this chocolate is. I just ate a piece then, well maybe three, and seriously- despite it being pure heaven- it was perfectly enough. The creamy, yet sexily unadulterated taste- lingers long enough for you to be content as an angelic baby fast asleep.

Upon my discovery of Mast Brothers charming little set up at the Artists and Fleas market in Williamsburg, I greedily nabbed one of the free samples displayed, not even giving a moment to read what it was I was stuffing down let alone, who made it. It made me stop in my tracks. I haven't tasted this much class since I was in Paris. I am immune to the guilt one has after a free sample sniper attack and always have the balls to say "hmm, nice." and move on without even considering forking over a cent, let alone a real compliment. Not only did I, a professional sample stealer, pause and reconsider previous tactics, but these precious squares of goodness had fans, albeit dorky, but a true fan. Fan quote "I love how they are wrapped in beautiful paper- it really shows the quality and care of the chocolate.." I can't recall his other rants as there were more and I was busy trying to decide what to buy, but the response to the gushing sweet lover from one of the Mast Bros "Oh, yes- and they are so fun to wrap too". Huh. Anyone who loves what they do deserves a stamp of approval in my book.

Do I sound like I'm being sarcastic? Well you're wrong. More reasons to love this chocolate include the fact they focus on South American fair trade and organic ingredients. The brothers family recipes use the finest cocoa beans and are hand made in Brooklyn. Finally, being socially conscious never tasted so delectable.

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